Drug addiction, alcohol addiction, sex addiction, medication addiction, smoking and other problematic behavioural addictions. Cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, alcohol, cannabis, LSD, amphetamine, xanax, valium, opiod pain relievers, GHB and all other substances.  Legal or illicit, we have never noted anybody’s body to know the difference.


Drug Info Health Addict is a registered “Not For Profit” incorporated association that aims to promote education and provide information in the field of addictions whole of health, repair, recovery and long term well-being.

We emphasise application of the remarkable potentialities of Eastern Medicinal approach.  A medicinal tradition couched in a “Non-Linear Cosmology” using “Holism” as its reference point.

The Eastern Medicinal approach is a very good match for the non-linear experiences that drug users commonly experience and report.  It holds answers to key questions, intelligently maps out the terrain and provides a meaningful treatment pathway forward, both in synch with the world as it is and unique to the person in question.

We seek to cultivate and foster meaningful research into this most effective approach and provide equal opportunity to treatment access for all that want it.

This website contains information that may show you how to transform substance using behaviour into a positive, addiction-free lifestyle, maybe even take you way beyond giving up drugs, making past and present drug experiences a tool for personal development.  It is possible.

Perfect information, will give you perfect choice.  The better the information you get, the better your choices will be.  It is all down to information: If any of the following questions relate to you, then this website will be of use to you or someone you know, love and/or care for.

  • What drug is that?
  • What is going on?
  • What do I do?
  • What is drug abuse?
  • What does holisitic mean?
  • What health foods do I use?
  • What addiction treatment works best?
  • What is addiction?
  • What are drugs?
  • What is rehabilitation?
  • How do these drugs work?
  • How do I change?
  • How can I be happy again?
  • How do I get drug help?
  • How do I get healthy?
  • How do I intervene?
  • How does substance addiction stop?
  • Why is this happening to me?
  • Why do I feel this way?
  • Why is joy elusive?
  • Why is my mental health bothering me?
  • Why has my drug use become substance abuse?
  • Why is alternative and complimentary medicine good for me?
  • Why do other people think I am an addict (I certainly don’t)?
  • What if psychology is working?
  • What if I follow this possibility?
  • What if rehabilitation isn’t working?
  • What if I change?
  • What if I want to recover from drugs?
  • What if “recreational drugs” has become “full-time job drugs”?
  • What if health care is simpler than I thought?

There are plenty of articles on plenty of topics and their function is primarily to engage the mind.  If you desire to get better, pay particular attention to the articles relating to “drug repair and recovery”, as these have the clues you will need to make a good go of it.  If you are a worker in the social services and are at the “coal face” of service delivery, perhaps you can subscribe via RSS and get daily doses of information, useful and relevant for your clients. Hope you enjoy the site.  Every day in every way, you and I together, are getting better and better.
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