On Drug Taking & Truthful Behaviour

Buddha is reported to have said the follwing

“Truth is whatever works best”

I love it, on so many levels.  As a meditation, this is a deadly insight into the subjective nature of mind.  Truth moves.

If you are currently taking drugs, then this statement, “truth, is whatever works best” is simple, straight-forward and correct on a daily basis.

If you are currently giving drugs up and are caught in the ambivalence of relapse, then “truth, is whatever works best” is the way your mind is oscillating between behaviour’s.  An insight into the nature of your “brightness self” in stark, unpleasant contrast to your “darkness self” is possible.  Truth is more than one “thing” at the same time.

If you are living free of drugs and reading this, then “truth, is whatever works best” becomes a meditational medium by which transformational intelligence can be experienced.

A thousand and one ways do I love the Buddha.  But I am not a Buddhist.


How to Follow Natural Law for Drug Repair & Recovery

Follow the spider in “web weaving 101”.  Whilst watching contemplate the following;




Long term successful drug repair and recovery is obtained simply through dogged determination and cycles of repetitive meaningful behaviour. Exactly like the spider, constructing a web of limitless functionality.

Through this simple principle you may design or manipulate your thinking to construct a life you would prefer to lead.  Know that it is the choices we make that construct our lives, choices over the passing of of time create cycles and all is lending itself to your personal evolution.  This is how transformational intelligence works.  Spider is natures best weaver of thread, learn from spider and you may become the best creator of your life.

Better & better


The Nature of Addiction

Addiction has a fundamental, or root note, of resonant interest.

“Unresolved attraction for correcting imbalances due to having no better means available for attaining balance”.  Jost Sauer.

If this simply elegant statement has you perplexed, just post your question.

Jost Sauer in “Health Shed” repose.  Please note the “Legalise Chi” T-shirt.  I want one.