Case Study: Ice Addiction



Mandated Client.  Drug Diversion Program.  X was presented for treatment by family members on the advices of legal representation, against his wishes, exhibiting denial of problematic substance using behaviours and a lack of appropriate understanding as to the seriousness of outstanding forensic matters relating to alleged violent behaviour.  X self reported chronic lack of restful sleep, some pre-existent back and neck pain, prolonged and excessive central nervous system stimulation via meth-amphetamine use, steadily escalating over the last 3 years.  X “energy” levels are self reported as very low (1/10), as his willingness to engage in treatment.


Daily consumption of meth amphetamine reported over the past year.  Occasional or recreational usage reported for a wide variety of substances (Cocaine, LSD, MDMA, XTC) concurrently drinking with daily consumption noted and regular weekend binges with risk to high risk category behaviour reported.  X smokes 20 cigarettes daily.  X was employed full time on his families agri-business, dominated by manual labour.  Exposure to harmful chemicals reported (herbicides/pesticides). X has 2 young children and is estranged from his former wife.  Low modal affect noted (depression), his dietary intake is noted as reasonably poor (high levels of processed food consumed).  X has endured migraine style headaches, escalating in nature over the past year with poor circulation observed.


Immediate treatment for the detoxification of long term substance use implemented.  Regular scheduled acupuncture (every second day),  Chinese Medicinal Herbs (prescribed for twice daily consumption) and Naturopathic remedies (taken daily) prescribed, along with complete rest ordered.  Bodywork in the form of remedial and deep tissue massage scheduled every other day.  X reluctance to engage and a lack of willingness to “look inward” are the biggest impediments to a “resolved” recovery.   At this stage a significant break to problematic substance using behaviour is therapeutically indicated.


It took X one return efforts to become the resolved man that he is today. X currently reports good overall health with restful sleeping patterns, good appetite, good digestion and no headaches.  Forensic matters are an issue of the past as is his problematic substance using behaviour.  Steps toward a better relationship with his ex-wife are underway, he is employed full time and remains abstinent to this day.  Slow and steady wins the race.

Drug Repair & Recovery: Water

Drug Repair & Recovery: Water






So abundant, so unusual, so essential


Water is an oddity, an exception to the rules.  Every one of these exceptions is woven into the fabric of

Human Life.


In its very ordinariness, water is extra ordinary, it is everywhere.


Water covers ¾ of Earth surface.  This abundance of water was present when the Earth was born.  Life was conceived in this planets primeval oceans.


Some simple organisms can exist without air, but none can grow without water.


Moving, changing, flowing, this is what life is all about


When your emotions flow throughout your body, you feel a sense of joy and you move toward physical health


Water serves as the transporter of energy throughout your body


Water has the ability to copy information, and then transport it


Unique and paradoxical




Drug Repair & Recovery: Exercise 0, “Life As It IS”

Drug Repair & Recovery: Exercise 0, “Life As It IS”

A very handy trick.  Admitting, realising or indeed simply becoming aware of how life is as it is, as it is, as it is.  If in doubt, make a quick list of how you currently “feel“, what you currently “have“, what you are currently “being” and what you are currently “doing“.  This simple exercise is surprisingly helpful and makes a handy first move into the direction of a preferred or balanced lifestyle.

Todays video presentation is by the author and tells it, as it is, ugly and all.  Enjoy (kind of).


Drug Repair That Works

Drug Repair That Works

The article that follows is a book review I wrote for an Australian publication for Jost’s second book, “Drug repair that works”.  It is highly recommended.  Enjoy.


Yes It Really Does

If Jost’s first book, “Higher & Higher” is the skeleton, then his second “Drug Repair That Works” is the fully formed body, complete with muscle, blood, breath and insightful sinuous texture.
The field of alcohol and other drugs openly acknowledges addiction to be a chronic relapsing condition, with little or no chance of recovery, making Jost’s contribution a major source of hope for the so-called hopeless.
Full of inspiration, clarity, acceptance, courage and vision, this “roadmap” of the drug taking soul, will feed your hunger for knowledge beyond the limits of the currently accepted.
If you are lost in the rough ocean of addiction, or know someone that is, or work with people that are, reading this book becomes essential.  Probably several times essential.
PS For those following the popular series “Where’s my Chi”, the goat has a name; Schroeder.
FOR:                                   “LIVING NOW”
AUTHOR:                          JOST SAUER
RRP:                                    $27.95
This book can be purchased via the following address.

Drug Repair & Recovery; Exercise Three

Drug Repair & Recovery: Exercise Three


Declare Peace

The War is Over

If You Want It

Again, it appears to be simple, so for the time being, humour me.  Contemplate declaring your personal war on drugs over.  Declare peace.  By accepting yourself as you are, wherever you are, something truly transformational can occur.  By changing the way you think, space is created for change to happen.  Thus relax, declare peace and become available to your own personal change.  These deceptively simple exercises build a foundation for meaningful long lasting change to occur.  Just contemplate and allow.



Drugs & Diet: Oats as Power Food, One Mans Testimony

Drug Repair & Recovery: Oats As Power Food, One Mans Testimony

Cornerstone of the chi cycle approach to rapid repair & recovery is a nourishing breakfast, closely following early morning chi focused practice. The preparation and/or cooking and consumption of oats can be harmonious and delicious. Lurking within this deceptively simple cereal grain is a power food waiting to be unleashed on a daily basis.The wild ancestor of Avena sativa, once called the oat weed, it remained amongst humans wherever possible, leading to its eventual domestication. Much like anything that hangs around us for too long.  Oats are grown throughout the temperate zones and are very suitable for human consumption.

Harness the power

The following twisted testimony is one mans encounter with the humble OAT.
As always, re-printed without regard to copyright, permission of any sort, or indeed the writers dignity.
 Rolled oats are good for constipation… but who wants constipation?  But seriously, I have muesli with raw-wheatgerm every morning and it goes through you like a run away train.  I’m too scared to leave the house until I’ve been to the toilet coz one morning I left the house before going to the loo and ended up having breakfast twice, once in the kitchen and once in the car seat, if you know what I mean.  I ended up having to turn my wipers on, I didn’t really need to turn my wipers on but, somehow, it made me feel better.
I recently visited an old mate of mine who’s just built one of those fancy new age houses. He’s put in all the latest European-appliances like a dishwasher that looks like a TV and a TV that looks like a laundry cabinet.  I called out from his loo the other day that I couldn’t find the flush-setting, and he yelled back, “That’s the kitchen.” So I switched it to, ‘Slow-Roast’, and told him it was my shout for dinner.
The End
Pure gold, rolled.  Vic Plume is the author of the above story.
You can visit his treasure trove giggle fest at the following address:


The Best Anti-Depressant in the Long-term?

Is the best anti-depressant to be found in the many pharmacotherpay’s available?

Evidence suggests in the short term some benefit, in the medium, questionable and not really in the long term.

What about the illegal drugs? Same as above really.  And all drug users know that they will have to give them up one day.  What then?  How do we get on top of depression post drugs?


Simple as that.  And I hear you asking, why?

First lets take a look at the endo-cannabinoid system operating inside of your body.

Now if you have the time, an article I lifted and edited.  My comments are in bold.

“Phys Ed: What Really Causes Runner’s High?”


For decades, endorphins have hogged the credit for producing “runner’s high,” that fleeting sense of euphoria and calm that many people report experiencing after prolonged exercise.

Endorphins, for those who know the word but not the molecules’ actual function, are the body’s home-brewed opiates, with receptors and actions much like those of pain-relieving morphine. Endorphins, however, are composed of relatively large molecules, “which are unable to pass the blood-brain barrier,” said Matthew Hill, a postdoctoral fellow at Rockefeller University in New York.

Now an emerging field of neuroscience indicates that an altogether-different neurochemical system within the body and brain, the endocannabinoid system, may be more responsible for that feeling.

Any pot users “feeling” this argument?

The endocannabinoid system was first mapped when scientists (American ones) set out to determine just how cannabis, a k a marijuana, acts upon the body. They found that a widespread group of receptors, clustered in the brain but also found elsewhere in the body, allow the active ingredient in marijuana to bind to the nervous system and set off reactions that reduce pain and anxiety and produce a floaty, free-form sense of well-being. Even more intriguing, the researchers found that with the right stimuli, the body creates its own cannabinoids (the endocannabinoids). These cannabinoids are composed of molecules known as lipids, which are small enough to cross the blood-brain barrier, so cannabinoids found in the blood after EXERCISE could be affecting the brain.

Since 2003, a flurry of research has been teasing out the role that endocannabinoids play in the body’s reaction to exercise. Other researchers have found that endocannabinoids may be what nudge us to tolerate or enjoy exercise in the first place.

Whether this accumulating new science establishes, or ever can establish, definitively, that endocannabinoids are behind runner’s high, is uncertain. Still, endocannabinoids are a more persuasive candidate, especially given the overlap between the high associated with marijuana use and descriptions of the euphoria associated with strenuous exercise.

“Pure happiness, elation, a feeling of unity with one’s self and/or nature, endless peacefulness” and “inner harmony.” Ahhhh.

You can read the whole article if you wish at the following address



Meditation and Mind on Drugs

Meditation and the Mind on Drugs

When your mind, or anybody else’s mind dictates the terms of life, it comes in three flavours.

Mad, bad or sad.  Any combination is likely, and all three at the same time is possible.

People who have a life-long experience of contentment and happiness have managed to balance their “mind” with a separate (but connected) sense of “essential self”.

The only way this can be achieved, in the long term, is via the medium or technique of meditation.  And meditation, it may surprise you to know, comes in limitless forms.  One form of meditation you may be familiar with is drug and alcohol use.  Perhaps you are more skillful in the area of meditation than you currently give give yourself credit for?

The mind is a “bad” master, but a “good” servant.  Much like electricity.  Which, incidentally is currently powering your neural net and gifting you the ability to read this.  How wonderful.