On Drug Taking & Truthful Behaviour

Buddha is reported to have said the follwing

“Truth is whatever works best”

I love it, on so many levels.  As a meditation, this is a deadly insight into the subjective nature of mind.  Truth moves.

If you are currently taking drugs, then this statement, “truth, is whatever works best” is simple, straight-forward and correct on a daily basis.

If you are currently giving drugs up and are caught in the ambivalence of relapse, then “truth, is whatever works best” is the way your mind is oscillating between behaviour’s.  An insight into the nature of your “brightness self” in stark, unpleasant contrast to your “darkness self” is possible.  Truth is more than one “thing” at the same time.

If you are living free of drugs and reading this, then “truth, is whatever works best” becomes a meditational medium by which transformational intelligence can be experienced.

A thousand and one ways do I love the Buddha.  But I am not a Buddhist.


Drugs, Jacque Fresco & the Earthling Saga

Drugs, Jacque Fresco & The Earthlings Saga

Life is always in the now

There is no other moment to it.  If in doubt ask Einstein.

Only one moment exists.  This moment.

All else is just a projection of the mind.

Therefore tommorrow never comes, because it does not belong to reality.  Only today is coming.  And today keeps on coming.  Just can’t seem to stop those today’s coming.  For example I am writing this to you today.  You may well read it tomorrow.  But I will never know, because I am most truthfully living today.

Tommoz is our dream.  And we need our dreams because we are not rooted, partially or otherwise, in real reality.  Why, when reality is available, do we dream of tommoz’s?  If we cannot not be here, then dreams help us be there.  Because we “have to be somewhere”.  It is like saying, “I am not be here, but I am going to be there”, and this helps me to rest and relax.  With this loop rolling, I now find a future is needed.  Tomorrow, I love you tomorrow.

Trees don’t dream

They don’t need too

They are now


They are singing now

Not tomorrow

Except for human kind, nobody else is preparing for tomorrow.  Who else would care for it?  But we do.  A beautiful dream for the future is needed because we do not live primarily in the now.  And then of course there are drugs and alcohol.  The corrupt connector’s that let us know a “now” is available.  God bless drugs and peace be upon them.

The mores desires and wants we acquire and accumulate, the more tomorrow’s will be needed to see them fulfilled.  Many desires, many tomorrows.  The more ambitions we have, the more future will be required.

Why? Really you just can’t live in tomorrow.  It is a dream and we go on giving our energy to the dream.  Alternately we could live today and the tomorrow will take care of itself. Which is easy for tomorrow to do, as it does not really exist anywhere except in our imaginations, collective or otherwise.  Living today implies that none of us need ever worry about tomorrow, ever again.

For the basic of human needs, this day has more than enough.  All life is now.

Which is where Jacques Fresco, today’s awesome Earthling fits in.   Basic human needs do not need tomorrows.  They are always taken care of today, because they have to be.  Air, food, shelter.  There would be nothing of poverty in this world, if humankind remained true to needs.  Under this situation, everyone would have more than enough.  The Earth has plenty.  The sky is not poor.  The rivers are flowing and rich.  The oceans are vast.  Life is abundant with tremendous adventures and treasures.  Not a single tree remains thirsty.  Everything about us is more than what is needed.  Life is affluent.  Possibly even luxurious, as long as you stick to needs.

And then there is desire…

Please enjoy the video material you will find via the link to this wonderful man and his articulated desires for a better tomorrow, today.  This fellow is the real deal.


Drugs, Spirituality & The EastWest People – Alan Watts

Modern medicine is good for two things. Acute interventions to injuries sustained in a traumatic manner and prolonging life well beyond the body’s own volition and ability. In these two areas of medicinal assistance, modernity’s Western industry excels. So much so, it could be argued, that the medicine industry has been an underpinning pillar in the success of the West. But beyond that, it is at best, questionable.

For health matters of a chronic nature, the East has many more clues and is, in essence, suggesting that health, vitality and wellness is a dynamic balancing act, staged within the artful bounds of living and breathing within the bounds of natural “laws”. According to the tradition of the East*, all illness and dis-ease is the inevitable consequence of a reactivity created in breaking the “laws”. In response, some of the finest inquiring minds of the West have been, and still are, intrigued. Putting our Western scientific training to the Eastern philosophical approach, results over the past two hundred or so years, have been, by and large, are awesome.

Welcome to the eastwest people. This series of articles is put forward to entice you into a new way of thinking. And thinking, is most correctly, the root of all evil. First comes the thought. Money gets a bed wrap, poor old money, what did it ever do?

*Which can be taken to broadly mean anywhere East of the Levant (the area we know today as Jerusalem, Palestine, Israel and its surrounds, south of the Taurus Mountains, bounded by the Mediterranean sea.).

The first presentation is by Alan Watts. One of the great interpreters of the Eastern way into an understandable language for the Western mind. His legacy of work is a treasure trove of intelligence, and personally I have enjoyed reading his books, which I recommend.

Better and better