Dedicated to all peoples everywhere, seeking clean food, pure water, dependable shelter, right livelihood and RADIANT HEALTH.  For those who want to be respected for their humanity and honoured for their COSMIC NATURE.  May we all find the dignity, joy, peace and love that is our BIRTHRIGHT and the FREEDOM to CHOOSE the course of our OWN LIVES.





Our aim:

  • Research, test and refine the efficacy of the holistic addictions rehabilitation program, also known as the “24 Hour Chi Cycle” rehab program.
  • Provide a platform from which to argue the case for integrating the insights and intelligences of the Eastern medicinal model into a holistic care approach for long term addictions recovery.
  • Create a fundamental and lasting change in the way the service sector currently operates.
  • Provide access to same with equal opportunity to all that wish it.

Forum discussions are held regularly at Naturalis Clinic, 9 Langwells Parade, Northcote, Victoria.

Current research programs are conducted at Naturalis Clinic, 9 Langwells Parade.

Please phone 03 9939 9662 if you have any further questions or are interested in participating. For more information please visit