Drug Repair & Recovery; Exercise Three

Drug Repair & Recovery: Exercise Three


Declare Peace

The War is Over

If You Want It

Again, it appears to be simple, so for the time being, humour me.  Contemplate declaring your personal war on drugs over.  Declare peace.  By accepting yourself as you are, wherever you are, something truly transformational can occur.  By changing the way you think, space is created for change to happen.  Thus relax, declare peace and become available to your own personal change.  These deceptively simple exercises build a foundation for meaningful long lasting change to occur.  Just contemplate and allow.



Drugs, Mind & the Power of Consciousness

Drugs, Mind & the Power of Consciousness

Beyond substance abusing behaviour, there is a surprising world awaiting.  It is a bit like waking up.  In this video presentation the very entertaining Jim Carey speaks of “waking up”.  I love it.  Beyond drugs you will just have to get used to the idea that you are what you are.  Let free will reign supreme, let social conditioning fall by the wayside, allow the “truer” you to emerge.  And it is possible that you know something about the “truer” you through substance using behaviour.



On Drug Taking & Truthful Behaviour

Buddha is reported to have said the follwing

“Truth is whatever works best”

I love it, on so many levels.  As a meditation, this is a deadly insight into the subjective nature of mind.  Truth moves.

If you are currently taking drugs, then this statement, “truth, is whatever works best” is simple, straight-forward and correct on a daily basis.

If you are currently giving drugs up and are caught in the ambivalence of relapse, then “truth, is whatever works best” is the way your mind is oscillating between behaviour’s.  An insight into the nature of your “brightness self” in stark, unpleasant contrast to your “darkness self” is possible.  Truth is more than one “thing” at the same time.

If you are living free of drugs and reading this, then “truth, is whatever works best” becomes a meditational medium by which transformational intelligence can be experienced.

A thousand and one ways do I love the Buddha.  But I am not a Buddhist.


Meditation and Mind on Drugs

Meditation and the Mind on Drugs

When your mind, or anybody else’s mind dictates the terms of life, it comes in three flavours.

Mad, bad or sad.  Any combination is likely, and all three at the same time is possible.

People who have a life-long experience of contentment and happiness have managed to balance their “mind” with a separate (but connected) sense of “essential self”.

The only way this can be achieved, in the long term, is via the medium or technique of meditation.  And meditation, it may surprise you to know, comes in limitless forms.  One form of meditation you may be familiar with is drug and alcohol use.  Perhaps you are more skillful in the area of meditation than you currently give give yourself credit for?

The mind is a “bad” master, but a “good” servant.  Much like electricity.  Which, incidentally is currently powering your neural net and gifting you the ability to read this.  How wonderful.