Drugs & Diet: Repair & Recovery Recipe

Drug Repair & Recovery: Lunch/Dinner Recipe

Lamb Red Curry
(Serving 4 – 6)
–       3 tablespoons of red curry paste (Paenang)
–       1 sliced onion
–       3 cloves of crushed garlic
–       2 cups of broccoli
–       1 cup of sliced carrots
–       1 cup of cauliflower
–       2 cups of chopped Silver beet or spinach
–       2 cups of cubed pumpkin
–       1 kg of diced lamb
–       4 cups of chicken stock
–       200 mls of coconut cream
–       Rice
–       Salt and pepper to taste
Step 1: Put lamb onto a slow simmer in the chicken stock for 1 hour, add the cubed pumpkin and sliced carrots.
Step 2: Fry the onion, garlic and curry paste for 3 to 5 minutes, until the onions go soft and add to the simmering stock.
Step 3: Add the vegetables and coconut cream to the stock and simmer for a further 40 minutes over a low flame
Step 4: Serve over a bed of rice.
Again, could it be simpler?

Drugs & Diet: Lunch or Dinner Recipie

Drug Repair & Recovery: Lunch/Dinner Recipe

Food and your diet will play a CRUCIAL ROLE in your personal rehabilitation. So pay attention.  You will need whole food  You must eat whole food.  Do no freak out butter is good for you.  I am including a delicious recipe that FULLY OBEYS the rules of effective, post-drug repair and recovery.  Discipline (= ready to learn) will be required.  Are you ready to learn? Yes? Good.  Start with this one

Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks with Sweet Potato Mash and Green Beans
(Serves 4 -6)
–       6 lambs shanks
–       6 cups of beef stock
–       2 cups of red wine
–       2 tablespoons of sherry
–       4 Bay leaves
–       1 large red onion
–       1 large brown onion
–       4 French shallots
–       Sweet Potatoes
–       4 large gloves of garlic
–       Fresh rosemary
–       Fresh butter
–       Cracked black pepper
–       Green Beans
Step 1: Brown the lambs over a high heat and place into slow cooker
Step 2: Slice the onions and shallots into wedges
Step 3: Add all other ingredients except sweet potato and green beans and cook for at least four hours on high or until the meat falls of the bone
Step 4: Boil the sweet potato and mash with milk and butter
Step 5: Steam the green beans and serve with shanks over mash potato pour over juices and enjoy
Honestly, good it be simpler?

Drugs & Diet: Oats as Power Food, One Mans Testimony

Drug Repair & Recovery: Oats As Power Food, One Mans Testimony

Cornerstone of the chi cycle approach to rapid repair & recovery is a nourishing breakfast, closely following early morning chi focused practice. The preparation and/or cooking and consumption of oats can be harmonious and delicious. Lurking within this deceptively simple cereal grain is a power food waiting to be unleashed on a daily basis.The wild ancestor of Avena sativa, once called the oat weed, it remained amongst humans wherever possible, leading to its eventual domestication. Much like anything that hangs around us for too long.  Oats are grown throughout the temperate zones and are very suitable for human consumption.

Harness the power

The following twisted testimony is one mans encounter with the humble OAT.
As always, re-printed without regard to copyright, permission of any sort, or indeed the writers dignity.
 Rolled oats are good for constipation… but who wants constipation?  But seriously, I have muesli with raw-wheatgerm every morning and it goes through you like a run away train.  I’m too scared to leave the house until I’ve been to the toilet coz one morning I left the house before going to the loo and ended up having breakfast twice, once in the kitchen and once in the car seat, if you know what I mean.  I ended up having to turn my wipers on, I didn’t really need to turn my wipers on but, somehow, it made me feel better.
I recently visited an old mate of mine who’s just built one of those fancy new age houses. He’s put in all the latest European-appliances like a dishwasher that looks like a TV and a TV that looks like a laundry cabinet.  I called out from his loo the other day that I couldn’t find the flush-setting, and he yelled back, “That’s the kitchen.” So I switched it to, ‘Slow-Roast’, and told him it was my shout for dinner.
The End
Pure gold, rolled.  Vic Plume is the author of the above story.
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