Who Is Ozie Moses?

Who Is Ozie Moses?

Errr, Ummm, Ozie Moses is me.  My birth name is Anthony Eaton.  You can scan the bio info at the following address.


Why Ozie Moses as my writing name?  It is play on the term “osmosis”, referring to the physical process in which any solvent moves, without input of energy, across a semipermeable membrane separating two solutions of different concentrations.  Although osmosis does not require input of energy, it does use kinetic energy and can be made to do work.

Osmosis is derived from the Greek words ένδον (endon : within), έξο (exo : outside), and ωσμος (osmos : push, impulsion).  It is a wonderful metaphor for personal drug repair and recovery.  Any “behavioural change” will need “impulsion” or a “push” to get into gear and it will affect/effect both the “inside” and “outside” environments.

I will close this article with the words of the great American cosmologist, Carl Sagan

“You are Star Stuff

Harvesting Starlight”

It Is The Way

Contemplate that.


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Born in 1967, Anthony is an economist, kinesiologist and also a musician with a flair for management. With a background including stints as a DJ, music festival director, night club manager, body-worker, counsellor, breath-worker and pioneering MORA color therapist, as well as many years of experience in drug and alcohol crisis intervention – in often volatile situations; negotiating, advocating and mediating between clients, judiciary, families, police, schools and social services.

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