Drugs & Surviving Progress

Drug useage is an excellent barometer for observing levels of social distress.  The more out of balance and socially distressed the community, the higher the rates of drug use reported.  From Ice Age hunter/killer, game playing opportunists to the post modern stress disorder soaked cities we are now living in.  It has been a big cycle.

The following presentation is one of the best of its kind I have watched.  The evolution of our species in the context of all life on a shared planet.  If you have ever felt like blaming society, you are right.  Burdened by it, we are.  Documentary’s like this one show perhaps where to more correctly attune ones imagination, if we are to “survive progress”.  Humanity can be seen as a species reflective of the evolutionary nature of a phenomena known as transformational intelligence.  Nature is taking a monumental chance on making apes smarter.  Perhaps we can do better by Mother.

From a personal perspective it stands to reason that the more you know about about what you are and where you are, the less ignorance you will be operating with.  Think Neo in the Matrix movies.  And ironically ignorance is one of the easiest things in the world to fix.  Get connected, become even more aware and learn (or un-learn if you prefer).

Enjoy the viewing.

Also you can visit the film-makers site if you wish; http://survivingprogress.com/

Better and better






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