Amphetamine Repair & Recovery; Day Plan

 The following table is a daily plan, perfect for the purposes of repair and recovery from amphetamine use.  It is suitable for anybody wanting for change. There will no doubt be resistance, as there always is when confronted with change.  You can be heroic and attempt it all at once.  This is called, “choke on the elephant” technique.  Possibility number two is to build up the picture day by day.  Learn a new thing, then move on to the next.  The choice is, as always, yours.  If you have any questions, post.

Better and better



24 Hour Amphetamine Repair & Recovery Program 


5-7AM LARGE INTESTINE/ COLON Let Go Morning is for building Qi, Water, Toilet, Exercise
7-9AM STOMACH Cultivate Clarity Prepare, Cook, Consume,Big Breakfast
9-11AM SPLEEN Arrival Get to work
11-1PM HEART Creativity Big Lunch
1-3PM SMALL INTESTINE Refine Take Siesta Meditation
3-5PM BLADDER Power On Alliance With Fellow Travellers
5-7PM KIDNEYS Power Off Evening is for sharing Qi, Small Dinner
7-9PM PERICARDIUM Heart Protector Home, Art, Craft
9-11PM SAN JIAO Passage Prepare For Bed, Sleep
11-3AM GALL BLADDERLIVER Return To Source Sleep
3-5AM LUNGS Dream-state Sleep


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